27 July 2016 | 1:30-2:30 PM | Crystal Room 4
This HABITAT III PrepCom3 side event aims to bring together local government leaders and stakeholders for exchanges on potential solutions to a wide range of urban environmental challenges in Asia. Learn more
ICLEI – the global cities network
ICLEI is the leading global network of more than 1,500 cities, towns, and regions committed to building a sustainable future. By helping the ICLEI Network make cities and regions sustainable, we impact over 20% of the global population. Learn more

Asia LEDS Forum 2016 draws to a successful close
Asia LEDS Forum 2016: Mobilizing Finance for Priority Actions, held on June 27-29 in Hanoi, Vietnam, has concluded with new commitments on responding to identified needs for NDC and LEDS implementation. Read more
6th Regional Workshop kicks off 2nd phase of Urban Nexus
Over 130 local and international participants attended the Sixth Regional Workshop on ‘Integrated Resource Management in Asian Cities: The Urban Nexus,’ held on June 22-23 in Santa Rosa City, Philippines. Read more
BISCAST unveils climate change resilient pilot housing in Naga City
The Bicol State College for Applied Sciences and Technology (BISCAST) in Naga City, Philippines, inaugurated its ‘climate change resilient pilot house’ on June 24. Read more
ICLEI publishes climate change training manuals for women and youth
ICLEI SEAS has published two training manuals on climate change for women and youth, the product of a joint initiative by ICLEI SEAS and ICLEI Japan Office supported by the Japan Fund for Global Environment. Read more (Download available)
We welcome our new Members in Southeast Asia for 2016:
Langkawi Municipal Council, Malaysia
Pasig City, Philippines
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We offer an extensive range of services to our Members and other local governments interested in local sustainability. Among these are:
  • Program and project design and management
  • Program and policy evaluation, review, and impact assessment
  • Training programmes for seminars and conferences
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