Regional Executive Committee
The RexCom serves as the regional representation and policy-making body of ICLEI Members in Southeast Asia. Voting members of all Regional Executive Committees form the ICLEI Council, the supreme decision-making and oversight body of the global association. ICLEI Global Governance
Maimunah Mohd Sharif

Municipal President, Seberang Perai, Malaysia
Southeast Asia Representative,
ICLEI Global Executive Committee

Ms. Maimunah is the first woman to become Municipal President of Seberang Perai, the most populous municipal council area in Malaysia. She also serves as President of the Malaysian Association of Local Authorities. Ms. Maimunah is concurrently the Southeast Asia representative at the ICLEI Global Executive Committee.


Mayor, Wakatobi Regency, Indonesia

Since becoming Mayor of Wakatobi Regency, Mr. Hugua has shown a high commitment to sustainable development. Among his policies are the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation in regional planning documents, and capacity building of government staff and other stakeholders to achieve Wakatobi’s vision as a center of biodiversity by 2025.

Leticia Clemente

City Budget Officer, Baguio, Philippines

An accountant and lawyer by profession, Ms. Clemente has taken the initiative to introduce sustainable development concepts in Baguio City’s planning and budgeting activities. She strongly supported the crafting of the City Water Code and is currently the city’s representative in the Water Policy Forum of the World Water Council.

Somjai Suwansupana

Mayor, Phuket, Thailand
Special advisory role

Ms. Somjai is a three-time Mayor of Phuket City. A known advocate for local sustainability, she had previously supervised city’s Bureau of Education and its Health and Environment and Social Welfare departments.