Victorino Aquitania

Regional Director

Aside from being chiefly responsible for the strategic development of ICLEI SEAS – including the development and implementation of ICLEI’s campaigns and programs in the region, partnership building, and resource mobilization – Vic also oversees the financial and administrative management of the regional office.

Ranell Martin Dedicatoria

Regional Program Manager

Under the guidance of the Regional Director, Ranell oversees the management and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects by ICLEI SEAS.

Zenaida Ranario-Tagolino

Finance and Administrative Officer

Zeny supports the Regional Director and the Program Manager in all financial and administrative matters of the organization. Additionally, she provides administrative support to the projects and takes part in Membership services.

Johanna Camille Jordan

Project Officer, Climate Change Adaptation

Jose Bernardo Gochoco III

Project Officer, Climate Change Mitigation

Marvin Lagonera

Project Officer, Climate Change Mitigation

As project officer for mitigation, Marvin is primarily involved in the development of the National Climate Change Mitigation Framework Strategy (NCCMFS) under the UNDP. Together with BJ, he is in-charge of the management and implementation of climate change mitigation projects by ICLEI SEAS.

Joy Camille Baldo

Project Officer, Sustainability Management

Ricardo Marfiga, Jr.

Project Officer, Membership, Governance, Partnerships, and Special Projects

Pamela Cabacungan

Project Assistant

Pam supports the Program Manager and Project Officer in the implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.

Jennifer Maducdoc

Accounting Assistant

Jeng underwent systematic training and mentoring on financial and administrative management training organized by her previous organizations, partner NGOs, and funding partners. At ICLEI, Jeng supports the Administrative and Finance Officer in all financial matters of the organization.

Irvan Pulungan

Country Manager

Irvan has had a long and proven experience in environmental issues, including environmental law, climate change, and urban development. He had previously been appointed by the Indonesian Ministry of Environment as a member of the task force to draft the Environmental Protection and Management Act No. 32 of 2009.

Selamet Daroyni

Project Officer, Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network

Nisa Nidasari

Project Officer, Urban Nexus

Nur Komaladewi

Finance Officer

Southeast Asia Secretariat