APAN-ICLEI Regional Training Workshop, "Resilience Building in River Basin Management"

2nd International River Summit
19-21 November 2014, Marikina City, Philippines

‘The difficult truth is that the way we are approaching disaster risks today is almost certainly not good enough to meet tomorrow’s challenges’. For a holistic approach to resilience building, it is important to integrate climate change adaptation (CCA) and disaster risk reduction (DRR) because it would encompass a wider range of present and future risks. Several tools, methodologies and approaches have been developed which are targeted at mainstreaming CCA and DRR but the need for increased awareness and capacity in managing climate and disaster risks at various levels of governments in Southeast Asia still remain.

In the context of river management, rivers are susceptible to both natural and human-induced impacts. Yet, in turn, rivers can pose several challenges and can be very destructive if not managed properly. In order to reduce risks to human health, food security, environmental services, as well as social and economic development, there is a need to manage disaster risks and hazards in river systems.

As a continuation of the ICLEI-APAN’s capacity-building efforts and in addressing needs in Southeast Asia, a Training-Workshop titled “Resilience Building in River Basin Management” will be held within the 2nd International River Summit: Reviving Rivers, Rebuilding Civilization to be held on 19-21 November 2014 in Marikina City, Philippines. The workshop is aimed at building capacity on integrating climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction (CCA-DRR) into policies, programs and projects in the context of river management.Expected audience would include climate change focal points in Southeast Asia, government officials from both national and local levels, experts, practitioners, among others.

Contact Person:
Ms. Catherine Diomampo
Project Officer, ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat
Tel. +63-2-426-0851

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