ICLEI publishes climate change manuals for women and youth

ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat (ICLEI SEAS) has published two training manuals, “Women and Climate Change Manual” and “Educating the Filipino Youth on Climate Change: A Training Manual for Teachers,” the product of a joint initiative by ICLEI SEAS and ICLEI Japan Office supported by the Japan Fund for Global Environment.

The project, “Community Actions and City-to-City Exchange Cooperation in the Philippines,” sought to catalyze climate action and resilience among women and youth in the municipality of Tubigon, Philippines. The manuals were developed based partly on the outputs of workshops conducted among women and youth in the municipality.

The manuals aim to address the ‘insufficiency of information’ at the community level regarding the phenomena of global warming and their causes, as well as the urgency to mitigate and adapt to such phenomena through various measures. The particular focus on women and youth stems from the recognition by the project of their role as ‘key players’ responsible for community development.

ICLEI extends its gratitude to the people of Tubigon, led by Mayor Marlon Amila, for their warm welcome and active participation that made the production of these manuals possible. Since 2005, Tubigon has been an active ICLEI Member and participant in its various initiatives for local sustainability.

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